Our Strategy

Using the time-honored tradition of “Each One Teach One” , NAMA will enlist the talented graduates of the United States Naval Academy across all classes, races and backgrounds, to form an international network that provides an easily accessible depository of academic, professional and life skills knowledge which actively lends its focus to assisting those minorities aspiring to attend, those who are attending and those who have successfully graduated from the United States Naval Academy.


Our Mentorship Program

The United States Naval Academy Minority Association (NAMA) Mentorship Program was established, with a focus on the unique needs of minorities, to provide a pro-active mentorship program that supports the Academy’s goals of increased diversity and of preparing all of its graduates for “the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship and government”.


What  Mentorship means to you as a mentee.

NAMA will provide career life-cycle mentorship, role modeling, training and coaching starting at the middle and high school levels focused on prospective minority candidates desiring to attend the  Naval Academy. Role modeling, training and coaching will  continue through matriculation at the Academy, service in the Fleet, post graduation and transitioning out of the military to civilian careers. The ultimate goal of NAMA’s mentorship program is the achievement of  personal and professional success by you, the mentee. NAMA will pair you up with the people, tools and support  you need, when you need them. 

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