Midshipman spreading knowledge of the USNA with Middle Schoolers.

Midshipman spreading knowledge of the USNA with Middle Schoolers.


Do you recall the kid you were before you became the adult you are? Do you remember how you came to the decision to take the road that you took? In all probability, there was a knowledgeable and caring adult that helped you to identify the things that you should consider and their relative priority in making the best decision. What’s even more critical is what steps you should take now to be in a position to take advantage of the opportunities tomorrow. You can be that caring adult who makes a life-changing difference in a kid’s life by becoming a member of USNAMA’s Pre-Admission team.

The Focus

The primary focus of the USNAMA Pre-Admission Program is to identify, inform and encourage minority middle and high school students to compete for the fantastic educational and career opportunities available to them through our nation’s service academies. Traditional sources of admission to the Academies for whatever reasons do not always find their way into the minority communities across the country. To change that unfortunate reality, USNAMA has accepted the challenge to bring those resources into our communities and spread the word not just to the students, but to school officials, churches and community leaders who have great interests in and influence on the way forward for our young people. Specifically, the measures we are taking to achieve this mission include:

·Becoming a frequent presence within our schools to serve as an information go-to for counselors and other administrators for reliable information on the benefits of Service Academy admission and education, first-hand experience of day-to-day midshipman life and life-long experiences and opportunities seldom found at other colleges and universities;

·Seek out and collaborate with existing STEM organizations within our communities in order to identify young students who exhibit a personal affinity for the technical educational disciplines that the Academies seek. Our aim is to identify and encourage these students along their chosen paths by steering them towards the Academy’s Summer STEM and Summer Seminar programs assisting promising individuals with sponsorships when needed;

·Mentoring our young people who have mountains of potential but not always the right advisors at their disposal in order to make the best life choices. We will assure them that they are not alone and that their lives do matter to successful people that look like them and who walked the very same paths they are on now;

·Becoming a supplemental arm of the Academy’s Blue and Gold Officer program assisting in college fair events, school visitations, candidate referrals and supplementary information sharing.

The NAMA Pre-Admission Program needs you as a member to step up and give back some of what you received from your opportunity to attend the Academy and your privilege of service in our Navy and Marine Corps team. If you can volunteer as little as four hours a month, it can go a long way towards making a big difference in the life of a young man or woman just as it did for you. Please go to your membership account and check the box for Pre-Admission Recruiter or Pre-Admission Staff Assistant today. You will be contacted soon there-after to discuss the role you would like to play.