You may have noted the United States Naval Academy Minority Association (NAMA) logo and wondered about its meaning. It is one navy blue triangle perched atop two other triangles with the Naval Academy crest centered at its heart. The USNA crest is obvious, but what about the triangles? Well, there is an attribution to 12th century French philosopher and scholar, Bernard of Chartres, (later popularized by Sir Isaac Newton) that goes like this, “We (the current generation) are like dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants (our predecessors). If our glance can thus take in more things and reach farther than theirs, it is not because our sight is sharper nor our height greater; it is because we are lifted by the high stature of these giants.” Hence the phrase, “Standing on the shoulders of giants”.

As we are all engineers at heart and understand that the strongest structure is built utilizing triangles, we are the symbolic triangles and depending on the timing, we are either hoisted or hoisting. The acknowledgement that the accomplishments made by each of us was and will continue to be made easier by the accomplishments of our predecessors is central to the premise of NAMA, and our Founders wanted a constant and conspicuous symbol of that fact.